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Welcome to the Democratic Alliance, Namaqualand
The Namakwa District Municipality is made up of the following 6 municipal regions, namely, Richtersveld, Hantam, Kamiesberg, Karoo-Hoogland, Khâi-Ma and Nama Khoi municipalities.

The Nama Khoi Municipal Area is situated in the North Western side of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It forms part of the Namakwa District Municipality with the town of Springbok as the administrative centre. The municipality includes the communities of Springbok, Steinkopf, Okiep, Rooiwinkel, Concordia, Komaggas, Buffelsrivier, Nababeep, Bulletrap, Vioolsdrift, Goodhouse, Kleinzee and Carolusberg.

The Nama Khoi Municipality is the largest Municipality (15 025 km2) in the Namakwa District Municipality with a population of ± 54 000 people. Springbok is the most densely populated area, close to the N7 and also functions as the sub-regional centre for administrative, commercial and
higher order social facilities.

The rural settlements in the municipal area are largely mono-functional rural settlement areas with a poor economic base and depend primarily on the surrounding agricultural resource base to drive the limited economy.
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By ‘open,’ we mean a society in which people have the right to be themselves and follow their own path in life. An open society is founded on a bill of rights, the rule of law, democratic decision making, transparency, accountability and tolerance. In an open society, independent institutions protect you from  power abuse, the media is free and civil society is independent.
Die DA se Visie
The DA's Vision                              
We call it the open, opportunity society for everyone.
By ‘for all,’ we mean a society which truly belongs to all who live in it, in which all South Africans  –  regardless of the colour of their skin or the circumstances of their upbringing  –  have the same rights and access to the opportunities that they need to improve their lives. In a society for all, redress of past discrimination is essential, and is aimed at those who still suffer the effects of that discrimination.
By ‘opportunity,’ we mean a society in which people are given the means to use their rights and improve their circumstances so that they can live lives they value. The state recognises its  duty to do for people what they cannot be expected to do for themselves. We believe this includes creating opportunities for redress. We cannot, and do not, ignore the legacy of apartheid. At the same time, we believe every citizen must take responsibility for using the opportunities provided.
The DA has a vision for South Africa. It is a vision for every province, city and town.
Met “almal” bedoel ons ’n samelewing wat werklik behoort aan almal wat daarin woon; waarin alle Suid-Afrikaners – ongeag hul velkleur of die omstandighede van hul opvoeding – dieselfde regte en toegang tot die geleenthede het wat nodig is om hul lewens te verbeter. In ’n samelewing vir almal is herstel vir vorige diskriminasie noodsaaklik en gemik op diegene wat die gevolge van daardie diskriminasie steeds dra.
Met “geleentheid” bedoel ons ’n samelewing waarin mense die middele kry om hul regte te benut en hul omstandighede te verbeter sodat hulle lewens kan ly waarop hulle prys stel. Die staat besef hy het ’n plig om dinge vir mense te doen wat hulle beslis nie vir hulself kan doen nie. Ons glo dit behels ook geleenthede vir herstel. Ons kan die erfenis van apartheid nie ignoreer nie, en doen dit ook nie. Terselfdertyd glo ons alle burgers moet verantwoordelikheid aanvaar en al die geleenthede wat hulle voordoen, benut.
Met “oop” bedoel ons ’n samelewing waarin mense die reg het om hulself te wees en hul eie weg deur die lewe te bepaal. ’n Oop samelewing is gegrond op ’n handves van regte, die oppergesag van die reg, demokratiese besluitneming, deursigtigheid, toerekenbaarheid en verdraagsaamheid. In ’n oop samelewing beskerm onafhanklike instellings jou teen magsmisbruik. Die media is vry, en die burgery onafhanklik.
Ons noem dit die oop geleentheidsamelewing vir almal.
Die DA het ’n visie vir Suid-Afrika. Dis ’n visie vir elke provinsie, stad en dorp.
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